January 31, 2012



It's been 7ish days since my last post; it seems it would be a good time to update.  I've even been feeling the need to write, but maybe it's more to get my thoughts in order, rather than to try and create something for public consumption. 

I dunno; let me see where this goes.

My thoughts are all over the place, but a major theme as of late has been death--there's been a lot of it.  It seems like every time I open my email, I can expect notice of someone's passing; you'd think I'd smarten up and quit checking my messages.  Haha--not really, but I tell you, somedays..... I have to remind myself to breathe as my inbox loads.

The most recent passing was that of a man I've only ever crossed paths with a few times in my life; perhaps that is why this deep sense of loss is so striking.  My earliest memory of Dellas is not even a clear one; I only recall that he was on the Big Island for special meetings at some point during my childhood.  What does remain crystal clear is the memory of my mother on the car ride home and in the days after those meetings, listening to her speak of all that had spoken to her heart; it was evident that what Dellas had shared that day resonated with her in a way that would affect her spirit, her choices, her life, even if only for a little while.  A child does not soon forget the person who has spoken a message that moves her mother so deeply.

In 2010, we were fortunate to be at two conventions with Dellas; first at Olympia, in August, and then at Hawaii, in November.  The smaller size of the Hawaii convention seems to lend itself to more opportunities for visits with various ones; one evening, my (tall, slender, handsome) brother and I were standing with Dellas, waiting for dinner to start, when he asked us, "So, you two are brother and sister, hm?"  "Yes."  He looked at Kale and pronounced, "Looks like you got all the food growing up."  It makes me laugh to remember the kolohe (mischievous) look in his eyes as he said this; I reassured him that I got my fair share, along with the misfortune of only growing sideways, instead of "up."

So, we are Salem-bound on Friday evening to attend the funeral of this man who gave his entire life for the ministry.  I remember being struck by the gravity of that as we listened to him speak at Hawaii; he was seated, too weak to stand for the duration, but remaining faithful in delivering the same powerful message.  This image has oft encouraged me in my place since then. 

He will be missed.

January 24, 2012


  • French pusher cup
  • Madonnna/Lady Gaga
  • Happy Birthday, Jennifer
  • Start a blog, Josh
  • Deriving joy
  • The rain falling on my windshield this morning looks suspiciously icy
  • This song should never have been remade


 noun \ˈtid-ˌbit\
Definition of TIDBIT
1: a choice morsel of food
2: a choice or pleasing bit (as of information)
As it were, I guess these are not really choice morsels of anything; most are just little bits of the unrelated chaos that zing through my brain as I go through my day.  No life-changing wisdom to be found here today; my brain is in a funny place this morning, and I seem to be having trouble developing thoughts in their entirety. :-9  If it's any indicator, I just tried to put the plastic wrap away in the refrigerator, and then I thought I could set a timer on our home phone, which has no timer function.  (Hm.  Should I be admitting these things?)  Anyway....

Now, let's see if I can write a remotely interesting and relatable post out of these random thoughts.....

French Pusher Cup:
Yes--I, too, thought Malia was referring to an element of a Madonna or Lady Gaga ensemble when I heard her speaking these words.  As it turns out, a "French Pusher Cup" is really just what she calls the handy little french-press travel mug Heidi gave me the other day.  Thanks, Heidi. :)
Madonna/Lady Gaga:
Speaking of, these two are not often on my mind, but virtually one and the same in my mind--they carry a similar vibe, relative to their time.  I heard LG's "Born This Way" for the first time yesterday, and I've gotta agree: it is reminiscent of a coupla Madge's songs, which I guess she's annoyed about.  I wonder, is this "tribute," or "copycat"?  I also wonder, "Why am I even thinking about this?" :-p

Happy Birthday, Jennifer:

Yesterday, my dear, wonderful, thoughtful, intelligent, shopping-savvy and multi-talented friend Jennifer turned onescore and 19 years.  (I'm counting on flattery to save me from a beatdown for revealing her age. That, and the Happy Feet-makers I got her for her birthday.  :-D)  Our friendship, slow to develop at first, has over time become one I value tremendously.  Jen has a weird sense of humor that cracks me up, and a thoughtfulness about life that has encouraged me to look at things differently than I may have otherwise.  We also get a big kick out of being so physically different; we are oft stared at when spending time together, as people try and figure out how in the world that tall blonde Swedish woman, and that short round Hawaiianish person know each other.  I think most of them end up concluding that I'm her adopted child.  :-D (I am SO not earning friendship points today.  I understand this. :-D)

Start a Blog, Josh:

My brother Josh is in Japan for a few months; I think it would be fabulous for him to start a blog chronicling his days there--just a pic or two, with a word or few, so we can see how it's going for him.  I wonder if he doesn't already do this on Facebook, but I'm not there.  So, oblige a loving older sister who thinks of you daily, Josh.  :)  Love you.

Deriving Joy:

Yeah--I definitely haven't thought this one through; just starting a running list of those things from which I derive joy--it's good for me to think of this.  I wonder what would be on your list?

The Rain Falling on my Windshield This Morning Looks Suspiciously Icy:

My relationship with the weather has gone from merely observing it, to actually having an opinion about it.  I wish I didn't; there really is as much loveliness to be found on a rainy day as there is on a sunny day.  I just find that I am having a growing preference for sunshine and blue skies.

This song should never have been remade:

There are some classic songs that should just be left alone.  Been there, done that, and (most importantly), nailed it.  Now, let it be, and go make up your own song. :-p

Oh!  I just had one more thought (aside from "What's up with this formatting?!):

Where did they get those eyes?:

Oldies, but goodies, and the effect is still the same on this mama; I really must strengthen my defenses.  :)

One more:
A less-angelic moment that still makes me grin. :)

Happy Tuesday!

January 18, 2012

Kohala in Washington...

Well, it's official:  Kohala is coming to the Pacific Northwest for the first time ever! 
(In case you didn't know, that happy guy on the left is my dad... :-D)

Looking forward to it; these guys have strong ties to this area, so I say this tour is long overdue.  Dad is excited to be coming back to the area, where he'll spend some time before heading home (again) to prepare for Kohala's Japan tour in August--busy guys. :)   

I hear they'll have some pretty cute guest artists at the Bainbridge Island concert,
so you won't want to miss out:

I'm not biased, or anything. :)

Want to learn more about Kohala?  Palm Records
Find tickets to the concert here:  Brown Paper Tickets 

(Do it.  Right now.  Don't wait. :)

See you there!


Those of you who have access to Kiana's blog may have seen this before; I apologize for the redundancy. But, in the (modified) words of Lesley Gore, "It's my blog, and I'll redundantly post if I want to/redundantly post if I want to, redundantly post if I want to/You would redundantly post, too, if this poem happened to you." (Dunh-dunh-dunh-dunh-dunh.)  Now, on with the show:

A poem by Oldest Daughter:


Rain drips
Sky rips
River rushes
Lightning flashes
Branches break
Deep Earth shakes
A storm is born.
--Kiana Arnall

Good stuff, eh? :-D

January 17, 2012

Fine...I'll post. :) 

Already 17 days into 2012, and nary a word from DoRe'ville--what's up with that?   (Hau'oli makahiki hou, by the way; wishing you a joyous and prosperous new year, I hope all your dreams come true, reach for the stars, may the force be with you, and so on. :-p  )  I've been more busy and less opinionated than usual, which makes for some pretty "blah" blogging, I think, and so I've been in hiding.  This latest bout of writer's block has reached epic proportions--maybe an effect of the winter blues? Could be. But I hear people are getting tired of seeing Mana's face at the top of my blog, so I'll try and change things up a bit--no offense, Manz; you know we love you. :) 

Hm...I seem to be in a mood.  Let's try this again:

Gooooood morning!  Long time no see!  Ice on the lake, snow on the ground, and a sick Middle Daughter reading Archie comics in bed; winter is here. :)   Let me see if I can scrounge up a few pictures...apparently, the honeymoon with our amazing camera is over, since we never seem to want to take her anywhere anymore.  Poor ol' gal.....

"'Twas the night before Christmas...." 
Kiana and Uncle Kale
They were a little bit excited about their iPods.

I just like this picture.  This was a few weeks ago. 
I miss blue sky.*

I miss pink sky, too.*
Crunchy grass.*

I've been meaning to post this pic of Malia, during her class'
Gingerbread Celebration.  I'm not sure she enjoyed it at ALL.

Daddy-daughter date!  Off to breakfast at the Pancake House.

Well, all for now.  I guess middle school students are being released early due to deteriorating weather conditions, so Oldest Daughter should be home soon.  Fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow; either that, or let's skip to summer already.  :-9

Happy Tuesday!

*Naturally, the really cool scenic shots are Kiana's.  But you already knew that, didn't you? :)