September 1, 2015

Summer 2015 Roundup

This much is true: Life is good.

This is also true:  I am too lazy to write a decent post.  

Tomorrow will be the first day back to school for some of us around here; others of us will benefit from a mother's busyness and procrastination, and not have to start school until her books arrive next week Wednesday.  

(Try not to gloat, Middlest.)

As per usual, when the pressure's on, updating my blog suddenly becomes priority number one; after our lovely summer, though, who could blame me for waxing nostalgic?  It was a simple summer, spent close to home; I love being able to just enjoy this beautiful place we live in. (Try to ignore the grammar.)  

Where to start?  

How about with this tree, and this sky, and these people eating their chicken katsu plate lunches by the water?

As always, photo credits to Kiana.


We took a minute to play Popsicle fairies for some of the littles in our area; so much fun!  I forgot how much happiness can be found in a $3 bag of frozen goodness. :)  


The thing about popsicles is that you have to enjoy one with
every person you meet, so, you know--you do the math.

Love these little tiny baby feet.

More time outside, at the Silverdale waterfront.


Hanging at home.

Dinner on our lush lawn.

I think this is a screenshot from a video?



We took some time, as we do every year, to get near sand and water on the anniversary of Mom's passing; this year, we stayed close to home, and headed up to Point No Point.

The sky at Point No Point.

Jelly blob.
(Can't get much more science-y than that, folks.)
But seriously--aren't these cool? 
Uncle Josh, entertaining the troops.
Uncle Josh and Littlest, pretending they might not swim.
(Yeah, right.)



The Littlest, calling Uncle--"Let's swim!"
(Those two always do. ♥ )
Mama and her girls. ♥

Grateful. ♥

♥ Good night, Mom ♥

In August, Sam Smith at the Gorge--YES.

Gorge-ous. (Haha--see what I did there?)

Mandatory road trip selfie.

The Teenagers.

They let me be in the picture with them--whoa.

Thank goodness for gorgeous views and big huge screens.
Loved it, looking forward to next time.

And, of course, wonderful days at convention.

Getting on the road.

A walking-out-the-door selfie I found on my phone
 after we got on the road.

These girls missed each other!


The girls.

Working reeeaallly hard at tear downs....(mom rolls eyes)

Saying "a hui hou" to Uncle Andy.

Some random indoor pictures.

The girls took hula this summer.

Wrote music AND practiced their photography,
all at the same time!!! :-9

Goofing around after meeting.

Middlest-and-Mom Date Night!  We went to see the DeGroot
kids perform in "The Reluctant Dragon." Lots of fun!
Game night.  Looks like Girlfriend could use another round of
anger-management classes. :-9

Uncle Andy, and his classic reading of
Calico the Wonder Horse;
it's a must-do when he comes to stay.
Look how happy Uncle Kale is. :D

And here is his normal everyday face.  

Just kidding.
You'll notice he refused to share that baby.
This past Saturday was Malia's last football game, and then sushi night at the home of one of our favorite Nebraska transplants--I love it.  (It was an 'a hui hou' dinner for Kale, though he refused to call it that. :-9)

Good work, Malia (and Coach Daddy!)

The spread.

"They see me rollin'...."

A couple of Montana boys, giving it a go.

Mister E!!! He looks unsure here, but loved to see him
happily munching away on the good stuff. :)

And then, every other picture from this night? Arnall girls, and selfies with babies.  Good thing we know so many cute babies!

Things started getting' crazy all up in here....

You know when Miss C. gets up on the table,
it's going down.

And, now--can we talk about this boy?

♥ Kamuela James ♥

There's really not much to say after "He's perfect."

"Hey....I see you...."

Dad could literally not be any happier.

First time babysitting our sweet boy!  The way
he mowed down on that bottle gave me great hope
for future babysitting opportunities. ;-)

Cruisin' wit' cousin.

Isn't he lovelyyyy...isn't he won-der-ful???
(Thanks, Stevie Wonder)

Some of his adoring fans.

Oh, dear.

Baby boy's first convention!!!

The Recaidos.
(And can I just say, they're naturals;
good job, Mama and Daddy!)

I'll say it again: Life is good. 
{All for now.}