September 30, 2012

A quick post; it's been bugging me just a tiny bit that my fB posts and my blog posts are not consistent with each other.  (You'd think I have bigger things to worry about.)  So, for those of you with whom I'm connected on fB, this is old news; for the rest of you--our family's birthday season has started.  

{Bring on the cake.}

Eight is great!  Our soccer player turned 8 on September 17th.
Here she is, showing off the cool rainbow cake her sissy made for her.

The cool cake Kiana made in celebration of Daniel's 9th year as a thirty-something. :D
Yesterday was my sissy's induction into the Thirtysomethings Hall of Fame; I'm trying to pull a post together for that one, but it just wouldn't be {me} if I'd posted it on the appropriate day. :)

Happy Sunday!

September 10, 2012

Mish Mash

Words don't come easily this evening, but it's been on my mind to update the blog, and so here I are. :)

Our time home on the Big Island was precious, and something I am still unable to write about.  We returned home to Washington at the end of July, and have enjoyed sweet days full of sunshine, friends and family, and for myself, a constant, aching awareness of having "one less"--miss you, Mom.

And, now, the easy part:

 Finn Turns 4

He happens to be one of our favorites. :)

We Go to the Blackberry Festival

Blackberry Festival on the Bremerton Boardwalk

(Need I mention Kiana took the following 4 awesome shots?  Nah-I didn't think so.)


Also the Littlest.
(Well, he used to be; then he turned 3.)

Bossy.  I mean, BossMan.

Heading home, waiting in the car for Daddy.
We Eat a Lot of Sweets,
and Hang Out with Uncle Kale

She's at it again--my baker extraordinaire.  She has gifted us with brownies,blackberry cobbler, cookie pies, and this "back-to-school!" cake; I assure you, it has all gone to waist. :-9

There are more fun shots from this day, but I am too lazy and/or law-abiding to hijack them from him.

The Girls Pick Blackberries
at Dorothy's Place

Our gracious hostess.

Miki eventually gave up being sneaky about
popping every other blackberry into her mouth.

Happy girl!


Fresh air, fresh fruit, and a cool old barn--sweet. 
(Oh, and some silly geese. :D )
We Remember

♥ Days in the sunshine ♥
Down in the Valley.

All for now.
Happy Monday!