July 8, 2007



It's been a month since I last posted?

On the one hand, I can't believe it's been so long; it feels like just yesterday I was searching the 'net for pictures of my fake living room. On the other hand, how did we manage to pack in everything we did into the past month? Incredible. Particularly for this homebody.

Condensed version: Papa visits. Kiana's summer vacation starts. Aunty Liz and Aunty Judy visit. Daddy works every day. We go to the beach, museum of flight, DeGroot's house. Daddy finishes Kiana's room. Miki's room ALSO gets a mini-makeover. Matthew visits. I receive numerous e-mail complaints regarding my neglected blog.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't THAT much, but it sure seemed like it. And I'm planning on having a garage sale. When? Who knows. But I promised the girls the proceeds from whatever toys they get rid of, and they're totally excited, so I'm going to run with it!

I'll close with a few glimpses of our month:

Chillin' in the pool at the DeGroot's. Kedron might be the coolest guy we know. After his dad, that is.

Fried chicken, cone sushi, and a bathing suit full of sand. Doesn't get much better than this.


Breaking for lunch at the Museum of Flight.

(Quick plug: Yummy food, great prices!)

Having coffee with Papa at the Keyport Mercantile. (I love this picture.)
Photography by Mikela Lynn Arnall.
Attitude by Malia Nicole.

And, finally, for anyone who ever thought to be intimidated by my father, the Grammy Winner, one word of advice: Fuhgeddaboudit!