October 29, 2010

Chipping Away at This Old Writer's Block....

Call it writer's block, call it stage fright, call it fear of failure.

However you label it, I've got it. 

This latest "block" happened, rather inconveniently, right around the time of my sister's birthday. After a fairly easy run of writing last month, I hit a wall on or about September 29th.  (Sorry, Sis. :-p)  Admittedly, there's been a lot of guilt-tripping (self-inflicted!), and, well...I'm getting tired of it. :-p

As a general rule, I only write when I can't not write; when the words flow so easily, so clearly, that they can't be contained.  I never know when it will happen.  I also have never been able to will it to happen; this is one of those days. 

So I look to former posts, past writing, and hope they'll distract you until my brain starts cooperating again. 

Here's what I had to say about my sister back in February:

"Mr. & Mrs. Campbell

Thinking of these two today--it's been 8 years since that dude in the uniform whisked my sister and niece off to Yuma, Ah-wee-zoh-nah (that's how Cali used to say "Arizona"), to start a new life as husband and wife. I'll whine a little bit about not being able to watch my sister get married, but I guess the whole we-got-married-in-Reno story is kind of cute, so I won't carry on for too long. ;-9

There is much emotion as I consider my sister and her husband. They have walked some difficult paths, both before they knew each other, and in their last 8 years together. I am grateful for the tremendous strength that kept my sister pushing forward through the tough experiences; and for the incredible love and devotion that my brother-in-law has shown, both to her, and to my precious, precious nieces.

The depth of feeling is so much greater than my words can convey, so I'll just leave it at this.

I love you two; happy, happy anniversary, and wishing you many more to come. ♥"

Wow.  I feel like such a cheater. :-9  Here is my beautiful sister today:

Glamorous, no?

And her little family:

So, delayed as this post may be, the sentiment remains the same.  My sister continues to be an example of endurance, willing to make hard decisions in tough times, to do whatever it takes to move her family forward out of difficult experiences.   

Oh, and she always looks good doing it. :D

 Love you, Keala B. :-D