September 25, 2014

Question of the Day

Malia: "Hey, Mom?  Um, I was just wondering...what would happen if you ate oil-free makeup remover?"

Mom: "Uh....I'm not sure?....(pause) But I'm guessing now that that's something you could probably tell me about?"

Malia: "I'm just wondering what actually happens!"

Mom: "But why?"

 Mikela: "Malia!!! Did you eat oil-free makeup remover?!?!"

Malia: "Well--um....I'm not sure!  I might've?....."

{So far, so good. :-9}

September 19, 2014


It's been a busy few months, folks, and I can't complain....(but I could use a nap).  In the meantime, listen to these girls sing, and I'll be back with more later:

Some of you have seen this before, if you're Facebook friends with my hubby (the one who's turning 40 years old on Tuesday.  Whoa.).  Anyway, I thought you might like hearing it again.  It's certainly more enjoyable than what happens when I try belting out the hits:

(As you can imagine, my touring schedule is booked solid this year.)

Wait--let me give you one more;
check out these cuties, singing for their cuppycakes at the mall:

{All for now}