June 11, 2012

WhineFest (Sorry.)

Checking in again, with thoughts more random and irrelevant than usual.  Let's just jump right in, shall we?

Ain't Nothing Gonna Break-a My Stride

Okay--agreed:  I'm a short person with short legs, making for a short stride.  Throw in a usually laid-back personality, and you're not likely to find me first in line at...well, anywhere. 

However. (And there is almost always a "however.") 

Sometimes, you'll find me moving more slowly than usual--not by my own choice, but...(wait for it)....because the person in front of me is moving slowly.  (I know--you're just so accustomed to blaming the short girl.)  With that in mind, I just wanted to let you know: if you think that elbowing your way past me is going to solve your problem, I assure you--it won't.  Often, that urge in you to "big-body" your way past me, creates an urge in me  to stomp your toe, or stick my foot out to trip you as you ga-lump on by--none of you ever look graceful as you pull this move, FYI.  Maybe these guys can help you improve your technique and style:

You have been warned; take heed. (And if you insist on continuing this way, maybe wear steel-toed boots until your situational awareness starts improving.) 

I know; I'm such an angry elf. :-9

Keep trying, DoRe'

Made it to Zumba on Saturday morning; it was a full class, and after bumping elbows a few times with the lady next to me, I encouraged her to take the empty spot in the row ahead of us; she was the better Zumba-er, and I didn't want to embarrass myself dancing in front of her. There was a minor language barrier, but, before she took her place as Queen of Zumba Of The Second-To-Last Row, I'm pretty sure the gist of her (very sweet and sincere) response was that she, too, was not a very good dancer when she first started, but after coming for a year, she improved; I would get it eventually, she assured me.  (For those that don't know me, I have been doing Zumba for a year. More, actually.)

Ouch--I think I'll file that one under "Reality Check." ;-)

And here's that picture again.....

It's been confirmed--I'm a rightie. :-9

Now, switching gears to the really interesting humans in this household....

Genetic predisposition

That would seem to be the case, anyway; all five Recaido granddaughters have performance and recording credits to their names. :)  The girls put a few more under their belts this past week: Kiana and Mikela, with a piano and voice recital last Saturday; Mikela and Malia, with parts in their school's production of "The Emporer's New Clothes" (Miki on Tuesday, Malia on Friday).

"When You Wish Upon a Star..."

Getting ready to sing "Amazing Grace."

Performing "Beauty and the Beast."

Singing "Wind Beneath My Wings."

Baby Chorus Girl.
They all did well, as expected. :)  I mentioned on Facebook my delight at realizing my littlest chorus girl had memorized and was singing along to every song, including the solos. :D  She did sing quietly, but had a much harder time controlling the expressions on her face--she always speaks volumes with her eyebrows.  (Which makes her a pretty fantastic storyteller. :D)

Well, I was hoping to have one more segment here, but I'm having a hard time working it out; guess it'll make its way into a post another time.  Before I go, look at this:

It's good for me to see that hair in all its glory;
as her personal stylist, it definitely has its challenges. ;-)

All for now--
Happy Monday!

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