October 30, 2011


The Fall Birthday season has officially ended here in the Recaido-Arnall-Campbell households.  The 3rd week in September marks the beginning of a long stretch of seemingly never-ending birthday cake in this family:


It gets progressively harder to fit into our pants/skirts during these weeks; the collective sigh of relief heard on my birthday is really just us giving up on trying to suck our stomachs in anymore.  We then have 3 weeks to hit the gym and recover our normally flawless physiques, before it starts all over again at Thanksgiving.  Haha.

Closing ceremonies took place all day Saturday, starting with a leisurely cup of coffee, some early-morning blogging, a quick workout, and then some general laziness.  Then, off to lunch at Hakata for sushi? Yes, please.

They made me share.  :-)
Abby's face is classic in this group shot. :)

After lunch, home to address the kanak attack, before the guests started showing up for birthday cake:

The early birds get the worm. 
Or sit outside in their car and debate going home because
no one else has shown up yet, and maybe there isn't really a
party here tonight. :)

Middle Brother, doing the usual. :)

These two came all the way from Hawaii for my birthday. 
Okay; not entirely true, but they did come from Hawaii,
and it did happen to be my birthday. 
Talking story.

We have more seating in this house than this picture would
indicate.  We're a cozy bunch.
The very cool pumpkin cake Oldest Daughter
made for her mama's birthday.

 It was a good day to get older. :)

Happy Sunday!

October 29, 2011

Trial Run

My former roommate and dear old friend Heidi will be turning oldy-years-old in a few days; in honor of this, her mama threw her a "You're-Turning-Old!" party last night.  (In case you have the mostly good fortune of knowing me only from afar, I am typically a sweet and respectful young woman who honors my elders--thanks, Mom & Dad, for raising us well. :)  However, I do get a kick out of teasing my friends on special occasions, or on days that have vowels in their names, as a subtle reminder that I am "The Baby" amongst us. )

The party was costume-optional, but in this household with three li'l girls, an opportunity to dress up was not going to be passed up:

Cleopatra II.  Her cousin had this same
costume last year, and she gave her due
credit all evening. :)
Miki, getting into character.
Zombie School Girl.
Super Abby!
Heading out.
Still trying to leave. (There were 207
images on the memory card; most of them
looked like this. :-9)
Birthday Girl!
Party guests.
They are fast turning into their daddys' worst nightmares. 
Next year, they can just walk around with sheets over their heads.
If we even let them out of the house.
Thankfully, their dads can look pretty scary
"You lookin' at my daughter?"
"N-n-no, sir; I was staring at your wife!"  I
 think my Granny really does have this dress.
The hat, too, come to think of it. :)
Party Planner.
Maxwell the Lion. :)
This was Katelyn's 2nd costume of the
evening.  By the time we left, she had
transformed into a little dog.  Her parents
are always prepared for her
ever-changing moods. ;-)
Sweet Khiana.  She was over the whole
costume thing before we even got there. :)
Corban, insisting on having his picture taken.  Fine.
Doting. :)
Jen, and her little bat.
Jen, and her cool cat.
Mama, and Zombie Girl.
Hi, Mom.....
(She took a really long time coming back out of character. ;-9)
Psst....I'm 34-years-young today, and not afraid to talk about it, unlike my deflector brother. :) 

Happy Saturday!

What Not To Wear

Seriously--don't wear this. 
Hawaii's a beautiful place, and this sort of thing messes up the landscape.  :)

Happy Saturday!

October 27, 2011


The company my brother keeps:

I'm thinking about taking out a restraining order.

Happy Thursday!

October 26, 2011


This is classic Kale: I try to show him kindness to make up for the fact that we forgot! to sing Happy Birthday to him on his birthday (October 17th), and all he can do is complain that his birthday was LAST week, and try to insist that we should be singing to me, since my birthday is technically closer. 

Whatevs. Big sisters always win. Even when they're little like me. (And rock the double-chins like me. Ugh.) :)

Happy Wednesday!

October 15, 2011

In the Studio

We're out at Dad's today, laying a few tracks for his next album:

Checking the mics

Testing, 1,2...

Here we go!

...And it's good one! 

Dad, in The Zone

What Recording Day looks like for the less gifted among us;
I can't really complain. ;-)

Happy Saturday!

October 13, 2011

Checking in...

...'Cause when you have video of your brothers being weird, it just seems like a good time to update the blog. 

I'm so glad it's not genetic. =D

Lots to write about, minimal brain capacity with which to do it, so I won't.  Looking forward to a laaaaazzzzy weekend.

Happy Friday!!!