November 19, 2007

It's Been A While, No?

Let me back up a little here...

First off, let's not pretend we're shocked that it's been over 3 weeks since I've posted. Although my record is improving. I WILL do better, it's just that life has been so...busy. That's why I'm here this morning, just to give you a quick rundown:

September 9: returned home from a quick (and wonderful) trip home. Got to see cousins I haven't seen in years, and meet people I didn't know I was related to. I'd post pictures of the whole anniversary gala, but, well, I don't have them, since my computer died, and my hard drive had to be replaced, and I'm not untrusting enough of computers to back anything up. grrr....

September 10: girls' unofficial start of school, and the official start of Mikela's school career! We have a kindergartener again!!! And, I just got sick to my stomach realizing I lost the photos of that, too. I wish I could download my heart memory of this day to your heart memory; it was an exciting day for her, and she pretty much pushed me out the door, and it made me sad, but it made me even prouder.

September 17: Malia's 3rd birthday!!! Chuck E. Cheese got paid a visit, and fun was had by all. Again, no pictures to document the 3-year-old who begged to go to Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday, and then screamed every time she saw him across the room (I had to ask him to PLEASE not come over and say Happy Birthday to her; he agreed. :p)

September 2o: Joshua's 22nd birthday...oh, my word. I know I don't mention this enough, but now seems like a great place to say this: I'm so proud of my brother. 'Nuff said.

September 23: Daniel's 33rd birthday. Well, as usual, I bombed out on this, but I hope he'll remember the yummy korean fried chicken dinner I made him, and the coldstone creamery treats, and the sirius radio he got to buy for himself the next day. (I told you I bombed out.) I love you, Daniel.

September 26: We received news of Daniel's mom passing. A difficult experience, and we're so thankful for everyone's help and support during this time.

September 29: Keala's 25th birthday--would've had cake with her, but, well, she lives in Hawaii now...:p

October 9th: Miki's 5th birthday!!! Paid Chuck E. Cheese another visit!!! Yee-hooo!!! And Malia actually let Chuck E. come sing Happy Birthday to her sister!!!

October 17th: Kale's birthday. Talked to him. Miss him. No kidding.

October 24th: Parent-Teacher conferences. Funny thing to include, I know, but just wanted to mention the girls are doing well in school. :D

October 29th: Well, you know. :D

November 9: Heidi's _ _ birthday, and the first annual Pearson Pride auction. Our dear friend and neighbor chaired the event, and it was so much fun!!! Next year, those who are in the area, come to the auction!!!

Today: Waking girls up to get ready for school, making a grocery list for last minute thanksgiving meal ingredients, wishing i was packing a suitcase for convention in Hawaii, but looking forward to the long weekend with my little family. Anticipating a visit to Hawaii for another family reunion--fingers crossed!!!

Okay, not my most eloquent post, but I think you're up to speed now. Love you all, miss you all. Come visit! And if you know about something I failed to mention in this post, let me know about it!!!