June 19, 2010

Confessions of a Guilt-Ridden Aunty...

Oy vey. 

I try not to live with too much guilt, but tell me how I could avoid it after this conversation:

Me:  "Hi, Kawena!  Happy Birthday, babe!  How was your birthday yesterday?"

Kawena: "It was good."  (She filled me in on the details, which included seeing Toy Story 3, having dinner at Genki sushi, and she receiving a Polly Pocket toy she'd been wanting.)

Me: "That's great, babe!  I'm glad you had such a good day!  Aunty is so sorry for not calling yesterday, I just..."

Kawena: "...forgot."


Talk about feeling like a miserable loser of an aunty.  And, truth be told, she'd been in our thoughts all day, but I guess it doesn't count unless she knows about it. :-s

So, this is my formal public apology to my sweet baby niece, who is not such a baby anymore--Six Years Old!!! =D  Love you, babe!

                                       One of the images permanently etched on my heart. :D                                       

June 18, 2010

He's Leaving, On a Jet Plane, Don't Know When He'll Be Back Again....

Hopefully sooner, rather than later...

After a relaxedly exciting (?) couple of weeks, today seems slightly melancholic as we sent Papa (my dad) back home to Hawaii.  His return was originally scheduled for the 10th, but we were able to talk him into staying a few extra days.  Well, that's not entirely true; the ER doctor was able to talk him into it. =p  He's doing fine; had a blood pressure scare, but is back on track, and on his way to being healthier than ever, I think. =D

Enjoying some delectable treats from Monica's Waterfront Bakery in Old Town.

Papa's Girls....well, three of them, anyway.  They love having Papa here, but it seems to make them miss their Hawaii counterparts even more.... =S

Queen Baby.

Danny Girl. =D

Mini Me.

And, finally, a sweet shot of Miki with her Papa:

Precious moments.

June 7, 2010

Mickey's Turf

Feeling rather uninspired, as of late, but just thought I'd change things up a bit with some (long overdue) pictures from our first family trip to the Happiest Place on Earth... :D

This was the first guy we ran into....

Another familiar face!

Meeting the OP (Original Princess). =)

Daddy and his Mini Me.

Miki's friend Alea (and family) joined us at Disneyland, too!

And, finally, a shot with the Mouse himself. 

It was a fun trip, made more special by visits from Aunty Heather, and, as mentioned above, Alea and family.  I think the family favorite this time around was actually the Soarin' Over California ride at the California Adventure park; there was a lot we didn't get to see, so we've got a long to-do list for next time!