March 15, 2009

It's Snowing. Again.

And since this is the 347 millionth snowfall we've had this winter, I no longer feel compelled to run outside, take a picture, and post it for all of my loyal readers, seeing as how you're already quite familiar with what 5 inches of snow on my minivan roof looks like, since I've posted it 346,999,999 times before.
The insanity stops here.
Really, I'm not as hateful towards the snow as it sounds; it's given me opportunity to sit here with a steaming cup of Peppermint Chocolate Soy, sift through the 20,057 pictures on my memory card, and decide which 5 are blog-worthy this morning. (I'm too impatient to upload any more than that, and I've got dirty laundry calling my name.)
Drum roll, please.....okay, not really. :)
Our Three Little Bears.
Malia was on a power trip for the rest of the day after getting to sit in
The BIG Chair.

Rocking out at Sky Church, at EMPSFM.
Seriously, it's wrong to feel this reverent when you enter a museum for rock stars,
but this place was very cool.

Back at home, the girls got to meet Ronald. If this was a video, Malia's shrieks would be the soundtrack; she lumps him in the same category with monsters, the boogeyman, and Chuck E. Cheese. ;-9

We get this look a lot these days...a sign of things to come, I fear.

If there's anything to cure my ills, skepticism, and grumpiness,
it's looking into these big brown eyes. (sigh....)

There's more, but this will be all for now. Happy Sunday!