July 27, 2008

A Walk in the Park

Last week, Melanie invited us to join her & Leota at the Silverdale waterfront, for some yummy eats, and lots of sunshine. I surely don't get out and do this enough, so I'm glad for friends who prompt me out of my homebody-ness, and remind me to revel in the gloriousness of this amazing place! :)

Jen & kids were able to join us after a little bit...

Looking forward to doing this again sometime!

The Three Sisters Club

These little blondies are on my mind, as they just became big sisters to Paige Jordyn! They came and hung out for a little bit last week--talk about a houseful of giggling girls!

And since Elena wants to be bashful, she gets a picture ALL to herself! ;)

Congratulations, family! We're looking forward to meeting her!

Shaka, Braddah!

Last weekend, we got together at Island Lake Park to celebrate the graduation of this guy:

It was a gorgeous day, made sweeter by the fact that our entire family was here! Here are some random shots from that day:

Mom, the Hedahls, the Bradys--and I think that's Rudy in the back!

Melanie & Alexia

The Cooks

The Hutchisons, otherwise known as "The World's Best Neighbors." Seriously.

Bruddahs. (And one of 5 very lucky neices.)
Uncle Kale!!!

Cousins! (They're kind of cute, eh?)

I apologize for the rather uninspired posts as of late; I think the doc hit my brain, or something, 'cause I have lost my flow! :) Oh, well; maybe it will come back once the pain meds wear off. Until then, I'll let the pictures do the talking!
Hope you're having a great weekend!

July 24, 2008

Surgery Update

Too exhausted to do a true post, so I'll just share the e-mail update I sent out :

No clever e-mails or blog posts this “evening”—it’s 1 am, and I’m about to take my pain pill and call it a day.

In brief, the surgery went well—I’ve been dealing with considerably more pain than my procedure in June, so I’ve been trying to get a handle on that. A major part of that issue, I think, was the nausea that I experienced this time; it turned into something of a vicious cycle, since I couldn’t take my meds on an empty stomach, but I could not even think about eating without—well, you know. Not to mention, I’m a rather avid eater/coffee-drinker :), so add those associated headaches to the discomfort at the surgical site, and, well, I was not a happy camper.

BUT….I’m doing much better now, and looking forward to finishing this up. 6 weeks for “osseointegration,” then I’ll go in early September for the BAHA fitting. The ear prosthesis will take a bit longer to complete, but no matter; that is secondary to hearing, for me, so I’m good!

Thanks for all the messages and notes of concern; I’m sorry we weren’t picking up, but I was in no condition to talk, and Daniel had his hands full (Miki seems to have come down with something; she’s doing better now, but was experiencing nausea of her own today…poor thing : ( ). Will catch up more later!


July 23, 2008

Stage II

Good morning, Eager Masses.

I jest--I know I'm not that interesting. In fact, I've been downright disappointing, with my lack of posts; we've had family in town since Thursday for Josh's graduation party, so we've been rather busy, in a good way. :)

Anyway, just thought I'd mention I'm having surgery today. Thankfully, it's not nearly the ordeal it felt like the last time; I guess I'm becoming an old pro, eh? I'll be sure to post, once I've "come around" again; I've actually got a lot of fun pictures I want to share, so be on the lookout!

July 7, 2008

The Way We Were...

My mom and my sister, in simpler times.

It makes me smile to think of my mom in this moment; I don't know who took it, or even why they chose to capture it, but it is a familiar scene in my memory as a young child, trying to keep up with Mom as she carried the sleeping babies into the house after a long ride home from somewhere. I know her mind was busy with whatever would come next: getting dinner started, maybe putting a load of laundry in before that--the usual, daily doings of a busy mama that I am now so familiar with myself.

Little did she know she was creating a moment precious enough to give her children pause as they come across this picture over 20 years later.

This is where I stop, and take stock,and decide to worry less about dazzling my children with everything I never had,and concern myself more with making sure they get everything I was lucky enough to have.

Thanks, Mom & Dad.

July 5, 2008

4th of July

Well, we were lucky enough to make it over to the Key Peninsula for some good fun, food, and company.
Turned out to be a gorgeous day!
There was a game of volleyball going when we arrived. The girls wanted to jump in, but decided they could wait a few minutes, since there was a....
PONY! Two of them, actually. :)
"Ah. NOW it's our turn!"

Taking a break

Jene'e, and her doll baby of a daughter
"Jay-dah!" (I love the way she says her own name!)

Mikayla, the 2nd beauty in Brad and Arica's band of redheads...ai-yai-yai. This girl was zipping around on the quad with boys later on in the evening. Her daddy should be very scared....;-)

Sweet, eh?

Sisters... :)

Needless to say, we had a great time. There was a good crowd, and we even got to enjoy some musical entertainment by the workers themselves, accompanied by one of the young men of the house. Spent some quality time with some of our favorite people, braved the fireworks display (Kiana actually enjoyed it this year; the other two decided the bedroom was a safer vantage point :p), and made it home sufficiently exhausted. Thanks Trent & Vicki!

Friday Before Last

Last Friday, Jen invited me to abandon my children at her house, so we could attend Jessi's baby shower. So I did. :) Here are some shots from that day:

A glowing Jessi, with Elena, and her mom, Peggy

Jen & Jean!
Jessi, Jean, & Heidi, discussing politics, or world peace, or something important like that, I'm sure. :p

Meanwhile, back at the farm....
Kiana, roasting her marshmallows, and wishing the grown-ups would talk about something interesting for once in their lives.


Warm s'mores=happy Malia

Shaka, Miki!

The girls, with their babysitters and playmates!

Little Fishies

The girls have started swimming lessons; here are some shots from their first few lessons. You know, the more I do this blogging stuff, the more I realize photography is NOT in my blood. Oh, well; do what you can, eh? :)

Blurry girls--Mikela and Malia are in the same class.

Miki, rocking her rainbow-delic swimsuit!

Kiana, learning to float on her back....

Happy girls!

What is that saying? "One good turn deserves an--ice cream from Dairy Queen?" ;-)