January 11, 2015

:: eleven ::

So....this went out today:

I'll be honest here: we were totally caught off-guard. We opened it up, and took a collective gasp, looking at each other in wide-eyed bewilderment.  I think I was the first to break the stunned silence:

"Well, that's definitely not the font we thought they'd use..."

(Gotcha, didn't I? ;-9)

In case you don't know, the couple in that picture are not models in an advertisement for classy holiday cards; no, they are my brother and his lovely wife, on the verge of a new and very real adventure.   If you don't know how this family feels about babies, then it's safe to presume that you've never had the great pleasure of trying to wrestle your baby back out of the loving arms of any one of us--and we are four generations strong, so it's quite a workout for any new parent.  (I think I'm also getting to the root of why we are only ever invited anywhere once.)

To say we are excited about this impending arrival is putting it very mildly; not only are our "babies" 10-years-old, but he will be the first grandson/nephew/boy cousin for both the Recaido and the Joyce families.  Joshua has gifted our family with lots of "firsts" in recent years; it makes sense that he'd be the one to make my sister and I uncles for the first time!


{All for now.}

January 10, 2015

:: ten ::

"Follow your heart."  

That sweet saying, popularized by indecisive dreamers everywhere (myself included), doesn't always guarantee bliss, I'm discovering.  Because sometimes your heart is a somewhat overenthusiastic monster truck fan , and Heart likes to coordinate annual excursions to Monster Jam at the Tacoma Dome, involving 85 of his closest friends, 3 slightly reluctant daughters, and 1 brother-in-law who ends up bailing--more on that in a minute. 

(And--that's 90 tickets, my friends. To Monster Jam.  In DoRe' Arnall's mailbox.Wha--?!)

I can't really hold my heart responsible for buying tickets to the Saturday evening show--there's no way Heart could have known that that would be the same day his beloved Seahawks faced the Panthers in the divisional round of the playoffs.  (And who doesn't remember sitting there at the end of Week 7, wondering if they'd even make it to playoffs this year?  Confession: this girl's confidence was slightly shaken.)  And, who could blame my heart's brother-in-law for quietly retreating from the original Saturday plan, hoping Heart wouldn't notice that he had opted instead for a ticket in the uppermost corners of CenturyLink? (Being married has had surprisingly little effect on brother-in-law's game attendance--it's quite impressive, really. :-p)

And so it is, and here I am, solitary, after sending my heart and our three daughters off to Monstertruckland.  Brother and Sister-in-law texted earlier with an invite to come hang with her and the crew there; I had to graciously decline, but only because I didn't really feel like putting pants on today. (C'mon now; you can't expect me to be married to Heart for 15 years and not adopt at least a few of his philosophies....) I'm kidding. I'm wearing the biggest, stretchiest pair of sweats my heart owns; now that feels like bliss.  

Kickoff is in less than an hour, game food is ready, and I made the tremendous effort of putting on my lucky socks, so I'm thinking we have a pretty good chance of winning today. 

Daddy and his girls.  Off they go!

My pre-game pep talk with the brother. 

It seems like he actually thought I was kidding?!?!

Game Changers

all for now...
{Go Hawks!}

*Post-game update: The socks worked.

January 9, 2015

:: nine::

It's Blue Friday, my friends!  

I'm not sure there's much more to be said, but in case you're not aware of this family's relationship with football, you'll find some enlightenment in this post.  I'll let that speak for itself; I need to save my voice for tomorrow. 

{Go Hawks!}

January 8, 2015

:: eight ::

i completed the day 2 workout for week 1 of the 5k your way walking training program; notice how i typed out everything in lower case to make it seem less official?  i wish the numbers weren't so tall. :)  

Because I recognize that committing to something like a training program, no matter how amateurish,  could seem to indicate intention to commit to something like the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K Event All of Your Friends Have Signed Up For, and I'm just not sure I'm ready for something like that.  

 Day 2 was literally a walk in the park, if the park looked like a track at the YMCA; but isn't that the least intelligent time to commit to something--when you think it's going to be easy?  Idk.  But right now I'm pretty sure that I think it's looking probable that I could definitely consider possibly trying to think about whether or not this is something I might do.   perhaps maybe.  (in lower case)  

Impressive--commitment-phobia at its finest.

{all for now}


January 7, 2015

:: seven ::

Oldest Daughter showed up for meeting dressed in exactly the opposite color scheme as her dear old mom:

Totally unintentional, supposedly.

I can't decide: is this just the most passive-aggresive form of teenage rebellion I've ever seen; or is she actually my photo-negative, silently acknowledging that she will someday develop into some version of me? 

Oh, dear. :-)

{All for now.}

January 6, 2015


Dinner with Baby Brother and Girlfriend this evening; they are Japan-bound first thing tomorrow morning.  It's pretty comical, the concern I feel for him as he becomes an international traveler--what if he...
  • forgets his tickets at home? or
  • gets on the wrong plane? or  
  • makes it all the way to Japan and realizes he accidentally left his blankie at home? or 
  • gets lost on his way to work? or
  • gets to work, and they actually make him do stuff--what then?!?!  

All this, coming from someone who can't even reach the overhead storage compartments on an airplane.

Paying rapt attention as my Mister divulges insider secrets.  (Sorry to crop you out of this picture, Girlfriend; I'm no photographer, and the original shot did you no justice.  You know we love you. :)

Love you, Baby Brother; 
 be safe, be kind, and we'll be here when you get home.

{All for now.}

January 5, 2015


It's back to the books for us today; 
winter break was lovely, but I am a creature of habit, and 
there is much comfort for me in getting back into our regular routine. 

{all for now.}

January 4, 2015


Today brought with it some special dinner guests--our next door neighbors.  This family was here to welcome us to the neighborhood with open arms 11 years ago; you know--back in my glory days, when I was still taller than all of the kids.  It has been our good fortune and privilege to live next door long enough to watch every one of them shoot up past me.  (Granted, that part only took about 2 years.)  This past July, they set off for sunnier climes, and defected to California; we were slightly heartbroken, because they are

 the. best.  

Thankfully, they still have just cause and reason to make their way back to Washington on occasion, and so we were glad to get the call for dinner this eve; time with them is time well-spent, truly.    Want to see all the awesome shots I got of their evening here?

There ya go. 

The truth remains: I am a horrible documentarian, of both the big and the little moments that give our lives depth and meaning.  (Although I guess one could argue that chocolate chip cookies have been known to offer much depth and meaning to millions of lives the world over, so I'll let *you* decide.) 

But I have purposed this year to become more diligent in capturing at least one moment per day, and so here we are; stick with me--it's bound to get better.

(The other truth: I didn't even take this picture. Thanks, Kiana.;-9)

{all for now}

January 3, 2015


Saturday found us heading into the city; the Pacific Science Center was wrapping up their showing of the Ripley's Believe It or Not exhibit and, true to form, we waited until the second-to-last day to go check it out.  (Because we really love spending our Saturday afternoons milling through crowded buildings with every other procrastinator in western Washington.  No, really--we do.  I don't know why you don't believe me.)

Fortunately, good company has a way of lending this introvert the courage to face the masses, and so we trapped invited some friends to go along; it was risky, but I just checked--they're still speaking to us. :-9
All aboard!

Warming up on the ferry; everyone's still being polite and smiling nicely...
...but Littlest--well, she can't help herself.

She sure does know how to get a good thing started. :)

Einstein toast art; he's all about the silly faces, too, though.

With...you know...the robot guy from that one movie.

Robot model of world's tallest man--he was 8'11".
(And still she throws attitude.)

I just felt like this needed to be shared. 

Love these kids!

{all for now.}

January 2, 2015


One of my favorite birthday gifts last year?  A sweet homemade "gift" card from my Mister, promising all the love and labor that goes into painting a kitchen in desperate need of an entire makeover.  I treasured that little card, tucking it securely under my pillow every night for safekeeping, and the hope that it would somehow seep its magic into my dreams, and set the stage for all sorts of wonderful.

Fast-forward to December:

Him: "Babe, what do you want for Christmas this year?"
Me:  "Nothing.  I really don't need anything.  I haven't really had a chance to work out the budget either, so  I don't really want to spend money I'm not sure about."
Him: "Don't be crazy.  You're getting a Christmas present, so you may as well just tell me what you want."
Me:  "Okay.  I think I just want...my birthday present."

Confession: it's always fun to render one's husband speechless.  

Mister, making good on his promise, and Littlest, "helping."

{all for now.}

January 1, 2015

Yappy Hew Near!!!

Look at this happy girl:

photo by kiana!

This serves as inspiration for me as we head into the new year: 
Joy. Anticipation.  Being present. 

                 {happy new year!}