April 20, 2010

Sea World. Dolphins. Wow.

No doubt, Sea World is cool.
Sea World is even cooler when you get to make the dolphins dance.

"Our" dolphin, Crunch.

Saying hello to Crunch.

Dance, Crunch baby, dance! :D


Bonus: the family we were with is actually the family of Alea, Miki's best friend from kindergarten and first grade; they live here now, and joined us for the day. 
 (As you can imagine, there were a lot of warm fuzzies going around that day.)
As for the dolphin encounter: Highly recommend!!!!

April 16, 2010

Okay. Maybe Not.

So, hubby just called. 

There might be someone available to cover the work in Washington. 
They might be able to use him more here.

 We'll see. =p

Such is the life of this yes-my-husband-works-for-the-navy wife.

That being said, it's still the weekend and we're Sea World-bound, so there's not much gonna get me down. =D

We're Outta Here...

Well, our time in the sun is soon over...

As many of you know, we were scheduled to be here in San Diego through the end of May; thanks to a few glitches with work, we'll be heading home next week.  I can't say I'm too disappointed; as much as we've been loving the warm air and sunshine, there's just no place like home.

I've definitely got pics to share, and will have more after our stint at Disneyland next week, but for now, just this little blurb, and a few shots from our weekend with Shilani and family.  We've known each other since small kid times ;-D, and she's just one of those friends you can always pick up with right where you left off...loved our time with them.

The Bigger Girls at the Wild Animal Park
(Kiana, Mikela, & Jeannie)

The Little Girls in the Condo
(Abby Cadabby and Malia)

The Poor, Lonesome, Only Boy at Belmont Park=D

Everybody in the Mirror Maze at Belmont Park

It's Aloha Friday--Smile! :D