March 18, 2012

New Specs

I got new glasses last like?
Right there.  On my face.  Where eyeglasses usually go.

In case you're needing a frame of reference,
here's what I usually look like, without the cool new specs:

I would win a Noah look-alike contest with this one. 

Totally unintentional, but it worked out well. :)

Just kidding. :D
Because blogging is serious business.
I've actually got better stuff to write about, but midnight is fast approaching, and I try to be asleep by that magic hour.  I'm hopeful to find some time to catch up tomorrow, but we'll see, eh? 

Hope you've had a great weekend--Happy Sunday!

March 2, 2012

Work in Progress

Meh...this is what I get for logging on at bedtime--an ugly blog.  (And ugly frown lines, from glowering at an ugly blog.)  


Come back in a few days; things may look better.  (I'm not making any promises, though.)  Before you leave, check out the Recaidos, over the years:

First, there was *me.*  And only *me.*  The whole world revolved around *me.* 
As you can imagine, this was a very dark and lonely period in my life;
having teddy bears with perpetually surprised looks on their faces
as your best friends ain't all it's cracked up to be.

I had to wait five years for this girl to show up. 
She then proceeded to show me up in, um, everything:
cuteness, intelligence, ambition, drive.
Love you, sis.

Along came Joshy the Wonder Boy, next great leader of the free world.
Keala looks less than thrilled; was it her newly-acquired sibling rivalry,
or the matching purple sailor dresses?

Oh, look--Kale showed up, and he's making denim overalls and an aloha shirt look good! 
This was only the beginning of a lifetime of being better than everybody
at everything; I think Josh was still trying to come to terms with that, at this point.

Apparently, it took us a few years to decide if we actually wanted a
family picture with Noah in it; I'm glad we decided to go ahead with it. :)
His arrival on this earth 15 years after my own spaceship landed was a welcome
surprise; he has kept us grounded through many experiences,
carrying a joy as infectious as his hilarious little girl giggles very deep, manly laugh.
Love you, baby brother! :D

::Made thankful again to have ended up in this bunch::

Remember to smile--it's Aloha Friday!