May 12, 2013

Happy Day

Wow--it's been a big weekend.  Celebrating my 13th Mama's Day, and the official induction into teenagehood for Oldest Daughter--{gulp}.  I can hardly believe it.  And I really wish I could whip up something like this birthday post from last year, but, alas, my writer's block has been insurmountable for the past 11 months.  It'll come to me...

It was a happy weekend, complete with the coolest glow party this house has ever seen (courtesy of The Uncles, of course), and quiet moments of reflection and remembrance.

Let me start off with pics from the party:

This is *my* sweet, well-we-have-to-give-her-credit-for-trying-I-guess
contribution to the decorations.  I'll just note that if you need someone
to hang decorations from the ceiling, maybe a 4-and-a-half foot tall
person will not be the best idea you've ever had. 
(To be fair, it was my idea. :-p)

Group shot on the stairs before admission
to the REAL party.

And, {there} you go. 
Seriously, brothers?!?!  This is how my brothers
subtly let me know that despite the fact that I am the older sister,
they are, and always have been, better than me at everything,
even the pretty, sparkly stuff.
Needless to say, the girls were {thrilled}.
A lighter shot, courtesy of the professional. :)

Does someone want to give me credit for this cool idea?
Okay, fine--it was Pinterest's idea.
These days, aren't they {all} Pinterest's ideas?

Opening presents. 
She's gorgeous, no? :')

The grown-ups, seeking respite in the living room. 
(And, a call-to-arms in support of the idea that Christmas
lights should not be reserved for Christmas only.)

As you can imagine, Saturday was recovery day, with clean-up and lots of naps involved.  Sunday has been sweet, with lunch after meeting with the brothers, and Sean, and some sweet-parents-to-be; and then an amazing surf 'n turf dinner with the brothers--I have never eaten so much crab in my life, I think. 

Now, close of day, and another first--first Mother's Day without *my* mama.  Tonight, as I drift off to sleep, I will close my eyes, and I will see {her} eyes smiling back at me, and I will be made infinitely grateful again for lessons learned and impressions made during her short time here.

(Don't forget to hit pause on my playlist in the upper right sidebar.)

This was the slideshow Mom's sons created for her service; the opening track is a song our dad wrote as a teenager.  The last 4 minutes or so of the slideshow were added later to include moments from our final farewell to our precious mom.  I hesitate to use the word "perfect" to describe anything other than God's will for our lives, but I'll make an exception here; this day was a {perfect} tribute to her life.  I miss her every day.
{All for now}