May 20, 2014

Tiptoe-ing my way back into BlogVille

Let's just dive right in now, shall we?

Hello, friends.  Just stopping in to change up the view on this here blog. Life is full, and busy, and lovely (most of the time).  I'm sorry to bore you, but no clever words this evening; I hope these pictures will make up for it.  We meandered into the city a few Thursdays ago for an IMAX movie and some playtime at the Pacific Science Center and The Children's Museum; apparently, we quit going to the Children's Museum before Youngest Daughter was born, so I felt like she needed at least one spin through to file in her "Happy Childhood Memories" bank.

The token "Space Needle" picture. 

Waiting for the movie to start; jus' keepin' it real and chill, dawg.

Miki, taking charge in the kid-sized kitchen.  Or, as
it's known around here, "the Mom-sized kitchen."
(Don't think I haven't considered just loading these
DoRe'-sized cabinets into my car and
replacing my current ones with them, 'cause I have.)

Holding court in the Three Bears' living room.

Lol--Youngest Daughter's revenge.

Getting the message across--how Oldest Daughter
lets us know it's time to go.
Drama Queen    Party pooper   Teenagers.
Well, another busy day tomorrow; girls have testing, and we are working like little ants to get our school work done and out of the way, so we can welcome summer with open arms and lots of beach time, fingers crossed.

{Until next time}