January 26, 2009

Sorry, sports fans--I actually attempted to update prior to this, but blogger freaked out on me the last time I tried (it could have something to do with photo #5--yikes!), so here I am now. Just a few random photos of some time spent during December and January; you'll have to wait until inspiration strikes again for a decent post, but this will hold you over until then. :D

Snow Day! Daddy & the Girls

Island Mama, Snow Babies
This year, we got together at Jen & Adrian's place for our annual reverse-strip poker game. (Saying that just made me feel really old and boring.)

Jeff & Melanie

Richard & Christine

It's not hard to see why my husband fell for me.
(Or why blogger initially refused to upload this photo. ;-9)

Baby Finn!

During the first week of January, Daniel had a planning conference at the Great Wolf Lodge. He was lonely, so we went to keep him company. The girls had an awesome time, and I, as usual, took hardly any photos. Here are a couple I was able to scrounge up.

Playing checkers, waiting for pizza.

The wave pool. It was very cool, but, boy, do I miss Hapuna.

When we returned home, the girls took some time to practice their culinary skills.
Making pizza

Gingerbread houses in January

In closing, a short video of the girls in the snow: