October 31, 2008

Letters From A 1st-Grader

Well, envelopes, really.

As timeless as I may seem, I have been known to have a birthday every so often-about once a year, or so. I'd not mention this otherwise, but for the fact that my husband goes to painful lengths to plan "surprise" parties every year. Which, as you can imagine, are no longer a surprise. ;-p

So, my 2nd 30th birthday was a lovely evening spent in good company, gorging on delicious food, and receiving thoughtful gifts. When my sweet Mikela handed me her card, I was beside myself with laughter:

Aren't 6-year-olds "aosom!"? *
*For those not in the know, this word is from another Miki masterpiece, declaring
"Girls Rule, Boys Moo. Aosom!"

October 17, 2008

Let's Change Things Up A Little Bit Here...

So it seems that there may be something in Vicodin that triggers some unexplainable need in me to post to my otherwise neglected blog; what do you think brings me here today? Hmmm...

That's right, folks; I'm home, and recovering from surgery #3--whoohoo! :-9 As you can tell, I'm in good spirits; could be the painkillers, or it could be the very minor nature of the surgery. Today's procedure was just about removing scar tissue, and exposing the 2 posts that my ear prosthetic will be attached to in a few months (they've been osseointegrating into my bone under the skin.). Anyhow, 'nuff about me.

It looks like my disappearance from Blogville coincided with the beginning of school, which makes sense--it's been an incredibly busy time. Kiana & Mikela are settling into the 3rd & 1st grades nicely, while Malia patiently bides her final year at home with Mommy--wah! :)

(Oops--looks like this will be a words-only post; Blogger is having trouble uploading my files...)

Anyway, very quick run-down:
  • Kiana & Miki started school
  • September 7th: Aunty Heather came to stay with us.
  • September 17th: Malia turned 4!
  • September 20th: Uncle Josh turned 23.
  • September 23rd: Daniel turned 34.
  • September 25th: Aunty Heather turned 31.
  • September 27th: We threw a "Welcome, Baby" shower for Jennifer & Finn.
  • September 29th: Aunty Keala turned 26.
  • October 9th: Miki turned 6!
  • October 17th: Uncle Kale is 21! (Can you believe it!?!? 21!!!)
  • October 21st: The Campbells are coming!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Check out my sister's blog for your Calista & Kawena fix; she's finally updated! ;-9

Wow. I'm glad that looks as crazy as it felt.

I've also been trying to fill my duties as this year's secretary for Pearson's PTA--keeps me on my toes. We're tying up loose ends as we prepare for our 2nd annual Pearson Pride Auction, on November 1st; I hope some of you will be able to join us that night! For those of you who don't know, it will be held at the Sons of Norway in Poulsbo, at 6:30 p.m. If you're interested, give me a call, or drop me a line--we've got some pretty cool stuff again this year!

All right, well, I've had to go back and re-spell about 15 words, so I think I'd better call it quits. Pictures to come, once I figure out what's going on with that. Have a great weekend, everybody!