September 28, 2013

Hippo Birdies

It's been three years since I complained publicly about it, but she went ahead and did it again, like she does every year; the nerve.

This cutie-turning-beauty made the jump over into 9-year-oldness two Tuesdays ago with her usual gusto and determination; apparently, she has long possessed a slightly rebellious streak: 

But when you've always been that cute, really--who's going to argue with you? 
*shrugs shoulders*

Oh, dear.
♥ I miss this baby. ♥
This year has served me many reminders of time marching on; I learn a little more each day about simply embracing it, and trusting that there is just as much goodness and joy for us in the future as there has been for us in the past.
Since celebrating Malia's last birthday as a Single-Digiteer, we've celebrated a few more in this family:
 Oldest Younger Brother turned 28 on the 20th: 

Husband kicked off his last year as a 30-something on the 23rd: 
And Sister moves into her second year as a 30-something tomorrow! 
Yep--it's the fall birthday season for this 'ohana once again;
bring on the stretchy pants.
{All for now!}


September 7, 2013


(Oh, hey--didn't expect to see you here.  But then, you probably didn't expect to see me here either, huh?  I mean, despite the fact that it's my blog, and all.)
Seriously, guys, what is going ON? 
{shrugs shoulders} I don't know.  Writer's block again, I guess.  What an identity crisis, being a writer who can't write. 
Now I'll admit, I sometimes startle myself with the cool stuff I'm able to fluff out, like this one, or that one, or even random ones like this one; it's fun, I sound intelligent--life is good, you know? (Why, yes, this is a blatant attempt to remind you of just how good I can be sometimes.) 
And then there are days when I wake up, and all I can think is, 
"Me. Want. Cookie."  
That's it--that's as good as it gets.  (And don't even try to pretend you didn't go back over that quote in your best Cookie Monster voice.) 
Well, it's been a "Me.Want.Cookie" couple of months; I don't even know where to begin.  Maybe I'll just leave you with a single picture of our beauties, on their way to Uncle Josh and Aunty Bethany's wedding:
We've had a full and fabulous summer;
more pictures to come later, I think...
{Have a great weekend!}