June 9, 2015

Baby Shower


I don't know why I always feel so awkward coming back here; it's like, I feel as if I should explain myself, but also, it's so typical of me to disappear for months at a time, so do I really need to explain anything?  I'm pretty sure you understood the first 43 times I apologized for being a flaky blogger.  Oh, great--now I want pastry.

We are anticipating Little Man's arrival in approximately 31 days, 6 hours, 59 minutes, and 31 seconds...but who's counting?  Oh, yes--we are.  (In case you're just stepping in here, I am not expecting Little Man; Sister-in-Law is, but since we're all slightly baby-crazy...well, you know. :-D)
We're at that point where her due date feels SO close, and yet still SO far away; it's hard to know what to do with ourselves (because it's all about us, isn't it? Sit down, DoRé.).  A good way to pass the time (and resist the urge to sit around staring at her belly, watching for every little kick and punt and end zone dance he does in there) was to throw Mama and Daddy a baby shower, à la Where the Wild Things Are. 

The invitations.

Envelopes. Cute, yes?  
Pinterest.  Always Pinterest.

Come on in!

Gorgeous sign one of their friends made
to use in baby's room.

The "guest book."  We asked each guest
to sign their name around the inside
perimeter of the star, filling it all the way
in to the center.  I guess we didn't get a shot
of the finished star...
Max's tent, and one really cute kiddo.
Covered the canopy posts with some greenery.

Sailboat centerpieces,
and some really cute pennant banners.

Close up of the sailboats.  My Mister learned that "crafting"
looks just like "scale-modeling" sometimes.
The menu.
The food line.
The dessert table.
This cake was a joint effort by my girls; 
a great first effort in making a cake for a 
gathering like this!
(usually, they reserve their creations 
for family only. ;-9)
  Look at that glorious belly.
(I'm afraid he'll always be 3 years old 
in my head.  I'll need to work that out.)
Is it game time?

Yes, it is.

Mama's holding her own.

Good job, ladies!

But, of course, the real magic happens 
when you make grown men carry baby dolls around.
Take your positions....
...and, GO!
Pretty good, guys!
(But, I'm super glad those aren't real babies.)
I love how the clothesline eventually becomes DoRé-friendly.
Lots of fun stuff!
Josh, practicing.
Kiana, loving.
Brothers, chilling.
Shelley, sparkling.
Look at this gorgeous girl. 
One of Kamu's 6 older girl cousins.  
(Good luck, little man!)
Baby girl is D-O-N-E, done.  
(I LOL every time I look at this.)
"The Neighbors."
(Thanks for ALL your help!!!)
Kamuela's aunty, cousin, grammy, and mama!

With Kamuela's grandpa. :)

Baby Brother, and 
Party Helper Extraordinaire.
(I guess she's his girlfriend, too. :-9)

No caption needed.
So excited for these two!!!

It was a gorgeous, gorgeous Pacific northwest day--the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the sky kept her raindrop children home that day.  I'd be remiss if I did not express my deep appreciation for the many hands that made light work; I realize if I mention them all by name and missions accomplished, it will quickly become evident that my role in this whole production was simply being a Glorified List Maker.  

A huge Thank You! to everyone who took a moment to come and sit with Josh and Bethany a little while before they embark on their next great adventure, and to those who sent happy thoughts their way that day.

{All for now.}

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