April 3, 2012

Ah....much better--I like this background.

If you happened to stop by my blog the other night, you may have gotten caught in the crossfire of my indecision--it was the eve of the first day of the month, also known around here as "The Changing of DoRe's Blog Background Day," in the more rural areas of my insanity.  For a few short hours, my blog appeared to have been the scene of a massive Easter egg explosion, pastels screaming across the page, with pinks, and blues, and greens galore.  It was cute, and seasonally appropriate, but when I logged on the next morning (or was it still that night?), it was an experience akin to this Hawaiian looking at a mirror, and seeing a tall, thin, blue-eyed blonde--it just wasn't "me."  (Although, if the mirror experience actually ever did happen,  I might not feel the need to change things so quickly. :-9)  Now, moving on....

...And I'm back.  This post got shelved the other night; it was much too late for me to try and be coherent, as the paragraph above indicates. :-9  I've been avoiding a post, as it feels like there could be so much to talk about; I don't even know where to begin, or if most of it is even significant enough to be taking up as much brain space as I allow.  I'm just going to let the fingers do the talktyping, and see where this goes; thank goodness for the editability of this medium. :) 

In no particular order:


Oldest and Middle Daughters had opportunity last month to participate in a couple of concerts through the school district.  As usual, I was MIA where photography is concerned, so here are the scant few I could rustle up (thanks, Dad):

Kiana, the Soloist. :)
 ("Amazing Grace")

Halfy Birthday, Malia!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll remember we celebrate half birthdays; this year is no exception.  Malia is now officially 7-and-a-half, as of March 17th.

Malia's Irish roots coming out here--she looks slightly leprechaun-ish, I think. :D

Okay, I need to regroup here; I started writing this post on Saturday night, and it is now Tuesday-turning-into-Wednesday.  I am having a remarkably difficult time uploading photos; I'm going to try to get one of Miki on here, and then this is turning into a "words-only" post.

Princess FrogFeet:

Ever the trendsetter, Middle Daughter saved up her allowance, and picked up a pair of these to add to her extensive shoe collection:

Miki's version of "Happy Feet."

Happy Miki. :)
For those who don't know, those are Vibram FiveFingers.  Super comfy, but wearing them in public may require more self-esteem than I possess at this point. :)  Miki, she's got no problems. :D 
Ack--I give up.  I think this is it for now--I'm exhausted.  This post is incomplete, but if I don't publish now, it may never happen.  If I don't show up again soon, we're having a great spring break, complete with sleepovers, pool time, stomach flu, sleeping in, a little bit of sun, a little bit of rain, and so on.  Hope all is well in your corner of the world...Happy Tuesday!