December 29, 2009

Catching Up

Poor, neglected blog.  How unfaithful I've been.  I'd promise to end that cycle, but, well--we've all heard that line before. :p

Just wanted to do a quick catch-up, in the off-chance that some still check in here.  In short, it has been a busy few months:

September: Lots of birthdays.

October: Still more birthdays, and a visit from my dad, his sisters and their kiddos, and my sister and her girls.  It was a blissfully full house, and we all still like each other. :D 

The girls also started homeschooling during this month.  The verdict is still out on the curriculm itself, but I truly love having the girls home, and being so directly involved in their education.  I've learned much about them during this time; kind of shameful, my, learn, and do better.

November:  A trip home.  We were able to make it to convention, and then enjoyed a couple weeks on the Big Island.  Spent enough time at the beach to reassure me that my girls are, indeed, part Hawaiian, and would actually be brown if we lived in a sunshiney place.  We were able to spend time with a few that we hadn't been able to see on our past visits home--so nice.  Went out with Mom and Aunty Lou to see the lava flow; couldn't get as close as we'd hoped, but it was still good to spend time with them. 

Our trip was extended unexpectedly, as one of the old aunties passed away, and I wanted to be there for her funeral.  Daniel came home as originally scheduled, and the girls and I flew home a week later.  The flight home was smooth and uneventful--Digiplayers are a flying mother's greatest friend. :p 

Oy.  Let me not forget to mention Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Arnall's 10th anniversary!  It was a quiet evening, with dinner, a movie, a diamond, and a Harley.  Yep.  I got my bling; Dan got his mistress.  And we also all still like each other.  :D

December:  We got home a week before Christmas, which gave me minimal planning time for the holiday.  This turned out to be a good thing, as we had the simplest, sweetest Christmas ever.  I don't know when I decided Christmas had to be a huge production at my house; it surely never was while I was growing up.  This year, dinner was simple, gifts were simple, and we actually got to spend time just "hanging," as opposed to mom being in a frenzy in the kitchen, girls being in a frenzy with too many toys, and dad being in a frenzy, trying to assemble the whole ridiculous lot before somebody has a meltdown. :D  Ah, yes.  It was sweet.  We only wish we could have been with more family, but thankful to have Heather and Dan's dad join us.

Oh!  We also took the girls to Seattle to see the Pacific Northwest Ballet's production of "The Nutcracker."  We had fantastic seats, and the girls loved it.  My favorite part was watching Malia's face--magical.

In closing, I'm including these pictures of Kiana's latest creation.  She is definitely a baker, and was further inspired by a cake artist friend of mine. :D  Happy Holidays to all, and wishing you the best in 2010!!!