February 19, 2011

More Random

It's always interesting to go through the girls' memory cards, and see what's been on their minds; food stuff seems to have been a major theme recently:

And Orbeez.  I don't know what they are, exactly--I keep meaning to look it up--but they're really fun to sloosh your fingers through. 

Up close. 
 I think it might be cool to have a swimming pool full of this stuff.

In other news:

  • We sent Papa home last week Tuesday; it was so great to have him here, and we're looking forward to his return in June. :)
  • We had the workers for a few days-always a treat. 
  • Malia started soccer.  I'd post pictures of that, but she just shows up as a wild blur in every shot. ;-9
  • Kiana and Mikela participated in their first spelling bee!  I think they are genetically programmed to enjoy that sort of thing.

I think there may be more to write about, but it feels like bedtime. 
Have a great weekend!

February 5, 2011


These guys showed up for lunch today:

Thought we'd take advantage of the talent, and record a few hymns while they were here--beautiful.
Trying not to question our good fortune, and just soak it all in while it's happening. ;-)

Have a great weekend!