March 4, 2014

Tsk, tsk...

Ack--I've failed; so much for posting weekly in 2014.  
(But, hey--I called it first.) 

You know who didn't fail?  These guys:

 Super Bowl Champs, baby.
(Who am I kidding?  I don't talk like that.)

Confession: I am a fan by proxy.*  The only real authority I have to talk football these days is via my husband, who is the real and lifelong Seahawks fan.  If not for this particular grown man jumping up and down in various living rooms across Washington state on Sunday afternoons, shouting pointless directives at other grown men he has never met, and, three hours later, initiating celebratory hug-fests with whomever will join him in his victory dances, then I would have no business doing the same.  But we do. 
Oh, yes, we do. :)
Okay, so we're not dancing here. 
But I think making pic collages on
your iPhone is pretty much the same.
(Thanks, Kiana.)
 *I must give a nod to my family of origin, all of whom are faithful football fans in a state which lacks its own pro-football team. I suspect living in paradise makes up for it. :-9
So how weird is it that he didn't make it to the Welcome Home parade?  Pretty weird.  But, his wife and daughters did. And his brothers-in-law.  And some of his friends.  And a few of his co-workers.  Pooooooor Dan....
Sad Face
Happy Faces on the ferry.
My lovelies.


Roo's mom and dad. :)
The parade ended right there in the parking lot
in front of us.
I thought I got some great shots of the players as they went by, but I just checked again, and sure enough, they weren't nearly as good as they seemed when we were still riding high on the excitement of it all.  Actually, a lot of it is video of the head of the guy in front of me, or the coat of the little girl he kept placing on his shoulders so she could see.  (Being 4'6" is so totally awesome.)  No complaints, though; it was so much fun just to be in the city, and see the team.
What else?  We saw a little bit of snow last month, which lasted all of about 17 minutes:

Took a quick jaunt to the Great Wolf Lodge last week:

(My children found certain humor in looking up from unloading the car and having this view greet them; I found more than one shot of what appears to be an animal's backside on my phone.  Turns out, it's the chest of a howling wolf.  You see what you want to see, I guess. :-p)
Well, that's it, guys--I've run out of steam.
Welllllll.....maybe I've got enough for one more:

Teehee. :)
This was a cute routine the junior cheerleaders performed at Kiana's basketball game last week; I thought memorizing it so as to be able to reduce my children to shrieks and giggles later would be a worthy endeavour. 
I stand by my decision.
Happy Tuesday!