June 30, 2011

Rosemarie's Memorial

Not too much to say this morning, but just wanted to share a few pics of Rosemarie's memorial (especially for you, sis).  It was a beautiful day, filled with expressions of love and gratitude for a woman who, herself, loved so unconditionally. 

It was shared that she "believed what she received, and lived what she believed." 

So thankful for her faithfulness, and for the care and kindness she has shown our family for many years.  She came into our lives after two of her children had the good sense to move to Hawaii;  her grandsons are our other brothers. :)  Admittedly, I have often forgotten that we're not related by blood.

The beautiful old building where the
memorial was held, at Manchester.
I think a former torpedo warehouse?

The uncles.

Malia girl.

Daniel Jr.

Mini Me.  Who is actually taller than
me, so maybe that's a misnomer.

Getting their grub on.  Unfortunately, I think this is the
best shot we have of the inside of the building,
which was decorated beautifully with many special items
from Rosemarie's home. Wish I had pictures of the displays.

Dad, always looking like he should
have a guitar in hand. :)

Love these boys, and love watching them just be together.


Kiana has mad photo skills. :)

The oldests.

 Trying to stay grounded, hanging onto the huge mass of
balloons I was tasked with helping to distribute. :-9
 (Thank you, Kale, for capturing proof of a jaw
 under all my double-chinnedness. :-9)
On the beach, waiting to release the balloons.

Rosemarie's baby boy.

Handsome Mitchell.

Koral Rose!
Uncle Don.



...and away.

Me ke aloha pumehana, Rosemarie,
until we meet again.

June 20, 2011

Happy Days

Happy days, lazy post. 
Here is a tiny sampling of our last...week-ish or so around here, in no particular order:
(Photo creds to Kiana, Daniel, and Bethany)

Making good use of Papa's shipping boxes.  (Why do we even
bother buying them toys?)

Afternoon yoga on the back deck.  "We need to meditate so we
can find inner peace," says Kawena (...and KungFu Panda). :D

A well-used family room. :)

Fishing with the uncles, out at the McFarland's/Papa's new digs.

Waiting in line for the pinata.

Birthday girl!

Hiding from Uncle Terry? 
I don't know; I just got a kick out of this one.

Being bullied by Uncle Noah's...backside. A classic "Malia" face.

Love having 92.857% of our family here; missing our mama.  Looking forward to a busy week, getting in last bits of time with my sis and family, getting Dad settled into his new place, and partying at Uncle Josh's house this weekend! ;-D

Happy Monday!

June 9, 2011

4 a.m.

Just got in from picking up Agents #1 and #4 (and their handler, aka "Mom") from the airport; the Hawaii contingent of the Fabulous Five has arrived. :)  Looking forward to a houseful of happy girls for the next few weeks!

Now, it's time for sleep; the sky is getting light, there is a very enthusiastic bird chirping outside my window, and I know my own little Agents will be awake soon, wondering how long they should wait until attempting to wake their cousins. 

Sweet dreams, and Happy Thursday!