March 15, 2015

:: twelve ::

(So, here's the deal:  You remember back in January, when I claimed I'd post a pic a day, and then failed not-so-epically, because we all know that that is my typical modus operandi?  Yeah, that.  Well, I'm not sure I should get any credit for this (I absolutely should), but despite the lack of evidence of life here on the blog, I still tried to take at least a pic, or a screen shot, or something that captured a moment in my day, and upload it to the drafts folder, so I'd have it there if I ever decided to show my face again. I started to sputter right around NFC championship time (I had a party to plan, duh), but I did surprisingly well with making sure I left my phone available for my children to hijack and use as their personal selfie-taking machine. :-p)

So, looking back, this is what I uploaded for January 12th.  If you'll recall, I was contemplating getting a jumpstart on my mid-life crisis, and, as such, was spending more time than usual at the gym, training.  I had some very specific goals that I hoped to accomplish:
  1. Break my personal record for "Longest Talk Story Session after a Workout," and 
  2. Discover the most perfect post-workout smoothie combination the YMCA's coffee shop has to offer.
Oh, and I guess I did want to be able to walk 3.1 miles before the sun went down.  Minor.

Anyway, one night, my Mister and I headed to the gym by ourselves, determined to get a quick workout in; we weren't quick enough, apparently, as this text evidences:

She's sassy, isn't she?  I guess she called, but my phone was hiding in my locker, so then she felt the need to resort to scathing text messages. 

But--never fear; I've been translating this girl's love language for 14 years, and she is clearly saying, "Mama, where are you?  I thought you would be home by now, and I'm a little worried about you.  I miss you; please call me ASAP, so I know you're safe, and so I can ask you to stop by the store and pick up some ice cream for us. I love you."

You see it, don't you?  Yeah, I thought so. :)

 {All for now.}

March 13, 2015

#tgifbf in, Thank Goodness It's Flashback Friday.

(My teenager is adamant: "That's not a thing, Mom.")

But I need it to be, because I really want to jump back in here, but am apparently too lazy to write an actual post, so thank goodness there's an internet hashtag bandwagon for that.

(And, could someone please clarify for me exactly what the difference is between #tbt and #fbf?  I suspect #fbf was created by procrastinators who just couldn't get it together in time for #tbt.  Trust me--the struggle is real, my friends.  But I digress...)

Today, I'm flashing back a few years to the days when our house still oozed with the sweetness of three little girls; I didn't realize how much I'd miss all that stickiness:



And now, this is my life:
 ...offering comical perspectives on tourists. Even though, technically, they are tourists. 

and it's all in good fun, fellow tourist-types;
we embrace all kinds of ridiculous in this household.
(Just ask my kids about their mother.  Or maybe I'd rather you didn't.)

{All for now}