June 7, 2007

Miracle of miracles

This afternoon, the house at Cloninger Court was abuzz with the surprisingly happy sounds of little girls cleaning. With each eagerly anticipating the Friday night arrival of their Papa, the girls' energy levels were high, and easily channeled into getting the house decent for company. They worked their little tushies off, and did their mama proud. I've included before and after pictures, so you can see the fruits of their labors:

Before (seriously):


The girls are incredible, aren't they? I think it only took Miki 45 minutes to throw together those skyscrapers now sitting outside our window!

Disclaimer: The 1st image in this post is, indeed, a real picture of my living room, at this exact moment. The only reason I'd make such an image public is because I actually have a good excuse for it. :D We are presently turning the girls' toy room into Kiana's "OWN BEDROOM!" (her words, her enthusiasm), so the living room has become the holding area for the toys, until the room is completed, and the toys can be redistributed.

Man, the Stepford Wives are loving me; I'm sure they're getting ready to ask me to be president of their secret club. :p

"My, but what large eyes you have..."

As Miki puts it, "That looks veh-wy fweaky."

(I had to pull up a real picture of Aunty Jen, to reassure Mikela that she was okay.)

Here's the real Jennifer, with Adrian and kids, at Mokuleia.

My new career

Dear Blogger.com:

Please send recruitment commissions to the following address:

35 New Bloggers Way
Yourewelcome, USA 98343

Welcome, New Bloggers! ;)

June 5, 2007

Random Images

Well, I won't stay long, but I just wanted to share some favorite pics I've come across this evening. I was taking video of Malia earlier today, when my camera dinged "Memory Card Full," so tonight's project has been to dump and sort. Yay.

Just the way I like my man--hard at work!!! Just joking! (Ok, yeah... I'm not joking.)

In front of the koi pond at King's Shops on our trip home in November.

Cali and Kiana, on Pearson Elementary's Western BBQ day last year.

Kale took this very cool shot of us at Safeco last summer. Boy's got skills!

And I'll close with this:one of my all-time favorites of the Recaido granddaughters! Is that a hint of pride on Papa's face? Nah-probably not.

June 4, 2007

I don't know...I think she's kinda cute...

Pretty please....

I can smile bigger...


This is one of the cuties Uncle Josh was hanging with at Bryant & Sheryl's wedding on Saturday. Personally, I thought she was the cutest one, but I'm willing to concede a minor bias.
(Don't worry, Sarah; the Niece Patrol managed to keep the circling man-eaters at bay...)

Testing? Testing one, two, three?

Post number one: not the grand occasion one might expect.

Actually, I shouldn't even be here; it's 5:04 p.m., and dinner has been given nary a thought. With hubby working swing shift, and not being home for dinner, it leaves more flexibility, as the girls and I are (usually) much lighter eaters than he is. So, I think cereal and milk may be on the menu tonight--I'll throw some fruit in to round it out.

Judge away, Stepford Wives; my girls love Kashi, and it's healthier than the prime rib YOUR bright and shiny children are eating tonight. Hold the horseradish, please.