May 17, 2010

Sweet is the Rest

"Sweet is the rest that comes with dawn at last,
After the night of dark defeat is past,
And breaks the day: the triumph of Thy will--
Thy purpose in my life, Lord, to fulfill.

Sweet is the rest in bearing of the cross:
Death to a life that brings me only loss;
But from this death, a resurrection sure:
A Christ-filled life, acceptable and pure.

Sweet is the rest when after weary toil,
I do not glory in the battle's spoil.
The victor's crown, all honours let them be
To Thee alone, who gives the victory.

Sweet is the rest that comes at close of day,
When life departs, the spirit flies away
To be with Thee, the One whom I adore,
And live with Thee and Thine forever more.

This blessed rest, O Master, give to me,
That I may find my peace, my all in Thee."

I have sung these words many times throughout my life; today, especially,  they bring comfort, with the news of Jessi's passing.  Thankful for the few, brief moments spent with her and her family, and thankful, too, for the example of faith they have been during this experience. 

"Laugh much, love deeply, and live each moment in faith that the best is yet to come."